World Relays

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‘You are patriots! Trying to serve your country in a way that a lot of people won’t understand until they finally see the U-S-A on your chest! Then…they will get it.’   It was one of the first days of practice in October, and we were huddled inside the shed at…

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Shoes for the Masses

Running, running, running. While a great form of exercise and sport with a great community around it, it is not for everybody. It is simply not an option for some people, whether for preferential reasons or more serious medical reasons. This is where you would expect the conversation about running specialty stores should end, but […]

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Why running specialty stores?

Stores that specialize in running, as opposed to big box retailers, offer unique advantages to consumers. Focusing on one specific area of recreation/ sport gives running shops the same advantage that a grocery store has over Walmart: better selection and the ability to become experts in the field. There are some other key advantages as […]

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